Turban Issues.

In India  – More than 60% youth in Punjab (India) is into drugs, are clean shaven and don’t wear turbans.They are just getting influence from Bollywood.The media they watching is giving them wrong direction and all is happening because of lack of awareness of Importance of  Turban.

In Europe –There are turban issues came recently like bans on turban in schools, Turban wearing photo on driving licence and even work problems for some because they are wearing turbans.Even UN said there should be no violation of human rights and there should be freedom of religion ,but still some countries in Europe actually haven’t implemented the Law.

At International Airports – There are some airports where security checks are involving the need to remove  turban,harassing Sikhs at airport all is happening because of lack of awareness about Turban in western countries.

Sports – In Canada they ban one Sikh  player in 2013  playing with turban which is taken of now but we have to bring awareness to all the sports organisation worldwide that how important is Sikh turban for a Sikh.